23/07 Full Council Update

by patrickkeating on 23 July, 2019

Despite some unedifying noises from the Tory benches over Brexit, tonight’s meeting of North Somerset Council was productive and fruitful.

We made progress on environmental issues , with a debate on the Climate Emergency plan and approving a motion to promote rewilding across North Somerset.

I also challenged the administration over the Joint Spatial plan – asking both how climate concerns might be taken into account in the plan, as well as pushing for an update on the administration’s plan B of the initial plan is rejected.

I also pushed for improvements to refuse collection and asked the executive member responsible to push Biffa to live up to its obligations.


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  1. Patricia Gunton says:

    I have tried again to report missed Green bin collection but just get a note saying not applicable. I have been doing this almost every week & am wondering just what I am paying council tax for!! Any chance you could shake Biffa up please.

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