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My plan for the Villages

by patrickkeating on 30 November, 2019

My Plan for the Villages

My plan for the villages:🛑 Stop the Garden Villages🛫 Challenge Airport Expansion🏫 Fair Funding for Rural SchoolsFind out more here:

Posted by Patrick Keating on Saturday, 30 November 2019

Stop the Garden Villages

Many residents are rightly worried about crazy plans for thousands of more homes forced through by John Penrose’s Tory councillors at the direction of the Conservative government.

Patrick has consistently opposed the Garden Villages. Now that the old Tory Council’s plans have been scrapped, he is working with local campaigners and councils to ensure that new plans the right housing – in the right place.

Challenge Airport Expansion

Residents are rightly concerned about the impact of proposed plans to expand Bristol airport during a climate emergency – as well as the impact on parking, noise and traffic. Patrick will ensure the plans are rigorously scrutinised.

Fair Funding for Schools

As a school governor, Patrick has seen first hand the challenges facing our rural schools. The LibDems will inject £10 billion back into schools, and by scrapping SATS and league tables, will let teachers get on with the job.


The Tory candidate claims in his leaflet to village residents that your local councillors “let the plans for the garden villages go through unchallenged.” This is not accurate:
● Following elections in May that changed control of the Council, the “JSP” approach is dead. The new Council will be developing fresh plans in consultation with Parish Councils and local residents.
● There have been no votes on the garden villages in this Council – yet.
● Patrick Keating has been consistently asking questions and challenging the administration on this issue – and as your new MP will keep up the fight.

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