Council Service Update

by patrickkeating on 13 April, 2020


A round up on the latest news from us:

Stay at home and keep your distance.

Please please stay at home this weekend and remember to keep your distance when exercising. Cyclists are asked to give pedestrians and dog walkers lots of room. People should only be exercising from home, not driving to exercise. Exercising doesn’t include picnics or sunbathing!

Be a good neighbour.

Please be considerate to those living around you. Playing loud music might be relaxing for you but your neighbours won’t agree. Please keep noise levels down.Spending time in the garden is also great but please don’t light bonfires as this could be stressful to people experiencing breathing difficulties.

Childcare support. If you are a critical key worker (likely to be NHS) and need emergency childcare support over the four day weekend please contact the council’s Early Years team on 07920 082 811. Thank you for all you are doing.

Support for local businesses. The Government has made £40.3m available to the council for grants to support businesses. We are working throughout the weekend to process grant applications. So far we have paid money to 163 businesses.

s Roadworks. Urgent roadworks are continuing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Public rights of way. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have issued guidance for landowners and people using public rights of way for exercise. See our news story for more information at

PPE update. We’ve opened up storage at our Castlewood offices in Clevedon to enable Sirona healthcare to store PPE. Sirona provide community health care services for adults and children.

For the latest information about our services visit www. n-somerset. please please #StayAtHomeSaveLives#KeepWashingYourHands

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