A38 flooding update

Over the last few days, there has again been flooding along the A38 in Churchill and Langford.

I have asked officers for an urgent update on the situation, which is as follows:This particular instance of surface water is being caused by damage to the culverted watercourse that runs along the back of the footway in this part of the A38.

Officers visited the nearby development last week and the developer has confirmed that they damaged the culvert some weeks ago. They have carried out a temporary repair but this does still create problems when there are high volumes of water flow down the culvert.

The developer has agreed to undertake a permanent repair as soon as the water levels reduce sufficiently to enable an excavation to take place. The current levels of water prevents this being carried out safely and presents a risk of further damage and material being washed into the culvert creating addition problems.

North Somerset Council officers will be visiting regularly to keep up the pressure on the developer and I will continue to push the Council to keep up a regular progamme of investment in maintaining and clearing the drainage infrastructure in our area.

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