Weston’s Tory MP lets down local residents… again.

While North Somerset Council voted in favour of my motion to support people caught up in the #CladdingScandal, Weston’s Tory MP has once again let down local residents by voting against proposals that would have saved leaseholders in our area from huge fire safety bills.More and more tenants and leaseholders across the country are facing huge bills for remedial fire safety work. This is usually due to the owner cutting corners on safety rather than being any fault of their own. This has left thousands of people anxious about the safety of their houses in the event of a fire, at serious financial risk and unable to sell their leasehold and move on.

The Liberal Democrats first introduced an amendment in the House of Commons to protect tenants and leaseholders from these costs which was voted down by the Conservatives. Liberal Democrat members of the Lords reintroduced this amendment to the Fire Safety Bill – but once again the Tories, including Weston’s MP, voted against these measures.

This comes despite North Somerset Councillors voting in favour of a motion tabled by LibDem Councillor Patrick Keating to find ways to support the several hundred people in our area who are struggling with the impact of the Cladding Scandal.We need an MP that supports local people – even if it means standing up to the Government.

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