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Responding to the reports from a leaked document stating that the Department for International Trade will try to lower the UK’s food standards to secure a trade deal with the United States, Liberal Democrat shadow Foreign Secretary Chuka Umunna said: “The promises made by Boris Johnson and the Conservative Government that the UK would have […]

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Demand a final say

by patrickkeating on 7 December, 2018

Amongst the Brexit omnishambles, the truth must not be forgotten. No matter the Brexit, any Brexit will leave the UK weakened and the public poorer. For the livelihoods of people right across the UK, there is no deal better than the deal we currently have as EU members. Theresa May’s discredited deal, which leaves the […]

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Support for Brexit collapses in Weston super Mare

by patrickkeating on 15 August, 2018

New polling carried out for Best for Britain shows that support for Brexit has collapsed by 5 percentage points in the Weston super Mare constituency, while more and more voters are in favour of remaining in the European Union.       With local Tory MP John Penrose now supporting Jacob Rees Mogg’s plans for […]

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No Deal Brexit is a Crisis for Local Councils

by patrickkeating on 1 August, 2018

Documents released by Sky News today provide further evidence that Brexit will be a disaster for local councils which are already struggling to provide services in the face of Tory funding cuts. Councils up and down the country, including Bristol and in the West of England, are having to work out the implications for social […]

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Sign up for a Final Say

by patrickkeating on 31 July, 2018

Tell your MP the UK needs to stay in the Customs Union

by patrickkeating on 23 April, 2018

On Thursday, MPs will be voting on a motion call on the UK to stay in the Customs Union after Brexit. Staying in the Customs Union would support manufacturing business that rely on frictionless access to European customers and suppliers, ensure our farmers are not hit by tariffs on their exports and importantly protect the […]

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