Demand a final say

Final SayAmongst the Brexit omnishambles, the truth must not be forgotten. No matter the Brexit, any Brexit will leave the UK weakened and the public poorer.

For the livelihoods of people right across the UK, there is no deal better than the deal we currently have as EU members.

Theresa May’s discredited deal, which leaves the UK a rule taker not a rule maker, is bad for the country, bad for the NHS and bad for British jobs. No one voted for this. But that is what is now being offered thanks to the mess created by the Tories and the absent opposition
from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.

People deserve better, and the Liberal Democrats demand better. That is why the Liberal Democrats have consistently made the case for remaining in the EU.

Liberal Democrats know that remaining in the EU would enable us to focus on the challenges which really affect communities up and down the country, like waiting lists in the NHS,schools under-funding and falling police numbers.

The future of our country should be decided by the people.

The people must be given the final say on Brexit, including the option to remain in the EU.

We need your help!

There is a lot of work to do in the coming months. We have local North Somerset Council elections in May, and the Tory government’s chaotic Brexit deal could well lead to a snap general election in the next few months.

The local elections are a chance to keep and elect councillors who will protect local NHS services, safeguard our schools and cut crime on our streets.

And in a general election, we could elect an MP who will demand better than the heartless and extreme vision of Britain offered by Labour and the Conservatives.

We’ve been planning for the elections and we’re ready to win. But we need your help!

Looking for a treasurer

Our most urgent need is to find a new treasurer to help manage the constituency finances. Our current treasurer is stepping down at the end of the year, and under party rules, we need to find a replacement before January. If you would be interested in volunteering for this role, get in touch with Ray Armstrong at [email protected].

Stand as a candidate in the local elections

Whatever needs changing in your area, you could be just the person to effect those changes by becoming a local Councillor. No other role gives you such a good opportunity to make a huge difference to your neighbours’ quality of life.

We’d like you to consider joining the growing team of enthusiastic Liberal Democrat candidates for the local elections due in May next year. We need people who really care about their community to come forward and chat with us about what’s involved. If you are interested, get in touch with Cllr Mike Bell – [email protected]

Help with campaigning

We need your help to spread our message to voters across the constituency, particularly in the villages and rural areas. Please do let us know if you are able to give a bit of time to deliver leaflets, support with canvassing, or help with designing leaflets and materials. Get in touch with me at [email protected] or visit our website to let us know how you can help us to win here.


With a snap General Election possible at any point, we need to make sure that we have strong finances to fight a campaign. Any contributions you can make much appreciated.

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If, like me, you demand better for our area please donate or volunteer today and help the Lib Dems win here.

Weston Residents Demand a People’s Vote

Weston residents have overwhelmingly shown their support for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal, says Weston’s Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Patrick Keating.

At a street stall on Weston High Street this weekend, Weston residents were asked if they wanted politicians or the people to have the final say on the Brexit deal, with the vast majority of respondents saying that they want to have a vote on Theresa May’s draft Brexit plan.

Patrick Keating said, “This week’s events show that the government is in meltdown and the Tories have made a mess of Brexit.  The residents have Weston have demonstrated that they want to have a say on the final Brexit deal. The Lib Dems are the only party demanding for a People’s Vote.”

Weston’s former MP, Lord Cotter, who also participated in the street stall said, “The Tory government – and our local MP John Penrose – are not listening to the public who are demanding a final vote on the Brexit deal. From day one the Liberal Democrats have been the only party committed to opposing this Brexit mess.”

Recent polling by Best for Britain ( shows that more and more voters in Weston and the surrounding villages want to stay in the EU, with support for Brexit falling by 6 points.

Tory Council Rejects Sensible Development Plans at the Vale

It’s scandalous that North Somerset Council is choosing to impose disruptive development on the community in Churchill and Langford against residents wishes, while ignoring a well thought through plan to develop needed homes with transport links and other infrastructure at the Vale.

Lib Dems publish plans to abolish business rates

The Liberal Democrats have published a comprehensive blueprint for replacing the broken business rates system.

The report – “Taxing Land, Not Investment” – calls for the abolition of business rates and its replacement with a tax on land values, the Commercial Landowner Levy (CLL). The levy would remove buildings and machinery from calculations and tax only the land value of commercial sites, boosting investment and cutting taxes for businesses in nine out of ten English local authorities.

This ground-breaking research was led by founder of the Lib Dem Business and Entrepreneurs Network (LDBEN) Andrew Dixon, in response to mounting concerns about the negative impact of business rates on struggling high streets and the wider economy.

Key recommendations from the report include:

  • Business rates should be abolished and replaced by a Commercial Landowner Levy based on the value of commercial land only
  • The levy should be paid by owners rather than tenants
  • Non-residential stamp duty should be scrapped to improve the efficiency of the commercial property market
  • Commercial land should be taxed regardless of whether the buildings above it are occupied; the tax should also apply to unused and derelict commercial land

The report also finds:

  • The CLL would mean lower taxes for businesses in 92% of English local authorities. In places like Oldham, Blackburn, West Bromwich, Barrow, Middlesbrough, average taxes would be cut by over 25%, and in some cases by as much as 46%
  • The manufacturing and technology sectors would be the most significant beneficiaries of the CLL, receiving tax cuts of over 20%. Retailers in struggling areas would also receive a boost.
  • The CLL would represent a tax cut initially, but is likely to be at least revenue-neutral in the long-term. Redistribution between local authorities would be adjusted to ensure no change in local funding.
  • By taxing landowners rather than businesses, half a million SMEs would be spared the bureaucratic burden of property taxation. With far fewer plots of land than individual businesses, the CLL would save councils both time and money

Liberal Democrat members will debate and vote on the proposals at the party’s Autumn Conference in Brighton next month. The full report can be found here.

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

“Business rates were a badly designed policy to begin with and have become an unacceptable drag on our economy. They are a tax on productive investment at a time of chronically weak productivity growth, and a burden on high streets struggling to adapt to the rise of online retail.

“Many of the areas around the country that voted for Brexit feel they have been left behind. In place of policies the Brexiters offer only rhetoric. Great swathes of the country demand better, and this policy offers change to the manufacturing industry and the small towns passed over by economic growth.”

Chris Richards, Head of Business Environment Policy at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation said:

“This report is a strong addition to the debate on the future of business rates and property taxation, which despite many reviews is not an issue that has gone away.

“Manufacturing as a sector with high capital intensity is perversely affected by business rates, as investments in productivity boosting plant and machinery are included in tax calculations – for some manufacturers making significant investments this is enough to put them off making that investment in the UK.

“Innovative solutions will be needed to remove this challenge while ensuring stability from a future tax regime, and today’s report is an important contribution to finding a solution.”

Philip Salter, Founder and Director of The Entrepreneur’s Network, said:

“Business rates are a tax on investment, adding to Britain’s productivity woes. Introducing a Commercial Landowner Levy would remove a key disincentive to investment and reduce administration costs for thousands of business owners. This is exactly the sort of policy entrepreneurs need to thrive.”

Founder of the Liberal Democrat Business and Entrepreneurs Network Andrew Dixon said:

“By only taxing land and not the productive capital above it, this reform would remove a major disincentive to investment, boosting productivity and contributing to a necessary revival in UK industry. While separate action is needed to ensure online retailers pay their fair share of corporation tax, our proposals would offer a lifeline to struggling high streets.
“I am delighted to support this initiative which I believe would boost business and enterprise across the UK, and I am grateful to members of the Liberal Democrats Business & Entrepreneurs Network for their valuable contributions to this important research”

North Somerset plans to allow development at the county’s most dangerous junction

North Somerset needs to take more account of the views of local residents when planning developments in the villages.

The Weston Mercury has revealed that residents in Congresbury are worried about plans to build more houses and add more traffic at an already congested & dangerous junction.

While new homes are needed in North Somerset, planning should take a holistic approach that looks at the impact on roads, infrastructure, schools and medical services – as well as the character of communities.

Support for Brexit collapses in Weston super Mare

New polling carried out for Best for Britain shows that support for Brexit has collapsed by 5 percentage points in the Weston super Mare constituency, while more and more voters are in favour of remaining in the European Union.




With local Tory MP John Penrose now supporting Jacob Rees Mogg’s plans for a disruptive hard Brexit, and no clear plan from Corbyn’s Labour, only the Liberal Democrats are offering the opportunity for the country to take back control and exit from Brexit.

If you agree, sign up to support the campaign for an exit from Brexit here:


LibDems question £21m shopping centre deal

Local Liberal Democrats are questioning a “risky and secretive” North Somerset Council decision to spend £21 million on a shopping centre in Weston super Mare.

The Tory run Council has now borrowed £60 million to fund investments in retail spaces, equivalent to £300 for every North Somerset.

While the LibDems support investments that can generate income, protect services and keep council tax affordable, North Somerset LibDem leader Mike Bell said: “This is a risky purchase that has been shrouded in secrecy. Retail is a volatile and fast changing market … there is a real risk that vacant units won’t be let.”