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LibDems crush Tories and Labour in North Somerset Euro elections

by patrickkeating on 26 May, 2019

The Liberal Democrats have beaten the Tories and Labour in the European Elections in Weston super Mare and North Somerset, taking almost 15,000 votes in comparison to the Tories 5,000 and Labour’s 3,000.

Patrick Keating, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Weston Super Mare, said: “Tonight’s results show that there is a groundswell of support for the Liberal Democrats and our clear message of Stop Brexit. People across Weston and the villages have sent a strong signal tonight that they reject the Tories’ failed Brexit policy and Labour flip flopping. Only the LibDems are demanding better than Brexit.”
Ash Cartman, North Somerset Lib Dem PPC said: “After a crushing defeat earlier this month where the number of councillors in his North Somerset constituency was reduced to one, these European election results show that people are fed up with Liam Fox. As a senior member of government and well known Brexiteer It’s time he took responsibility for his part in the  national embarrassment that is Brexit.”
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