Court rules Johnson’s Parliament Shutdown is unlawful

by patrickkeating on 11 September, 2019

  • Weston’s MP John Penrose said the shutdown of Parliament is no big deal. Judges disagree.
  • Lib Dems call for Parliament to be immediately recalled. 

Judges have this morning ruled that Boris Johnson’s decision to shut down Parliament was “unlawful” because the move was deliberately made to stymie the work of MPs. This puts Weston-super-Mare’s MP John Penrose in a difficult position, as he argued in his column in the Weston Mercury last week that the shut down was perfectly normal. 

 Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Weston-super-Mare, Patrick Keating, said: “Two weeks ago a huge number of people – from all sides of the argument – rallied in the centre of Weston to protest against this unlawful shut down of Parliament. 

Today’s decision shows that we were right to be concerned, and we need to keep up the pressure. Boris Johnson has shown he cannot be trusted – and Weston-super-Mare’s MP must now make a decision whether to continue to back a government that holds the law in such disregard.

Parliament must be immediately recalled to hold the Tory government to account.”

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