Corona Virus Support

COVID-19 is an illness which can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a coronavirus. There are confirmed cases across the UK and it has been confirmed as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation – that means it’s spreading in multiple countries at the same time.

Council Service Update


A round up on the latest news from us:

Stay at home and keep your distance.

Please please stay at home this weekend and remember to keep your distance when exercising. Cyclists are asked to give pedestrians and dog walkers lots of room. People should only be exercising from home, not driving to exercise. Exercising doesn’t include picnics or sunbathing!

Be a good neighbour.

Please be considerate to those living around you. Playing loud music might be relaxing for you but your neighbours won’t agree. Please keep noise levels down.Spending time in the garden is also great but please don’t light bonfires as this could be stressful to people experiencing breathing difficulties.

Childcare support. If you are a critical key worker (likely to be NHS) and need emergency childcare support over the four day weekend please contact the council’s Early Years team on 07920 082 811. Thank you for all you are doing.

Support for local businesses. The Government has made £40.3m available to the council for grants to support businesses. We are working throughout the weekend to process grant applications. So far we have paid money to 163 businesses.

s Roadworks. Urgent roadworks are continuing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Public rights of way. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have issued guidance for landowners and people using public rights of way for exercise. See our news story for more information at

PPE update. We’ve opened up storage at our Castlewood offices in Clevedon to enable Sirona healthcare to store PPE. Sirona provide community health care services for adults and children.

For the latest information about our services visit www. n-somerset. please please #StayAtHomeSaveLives#KeepWashingYourHands

First SPEDR meeting of 2020

Starting 2020 with a meeting of the North Somerset Council Strategic Planning, Development and Regeneration scrutiny panel.

Good debate on how to replace the unlamented JSP and to improve parking across North Somerset.

Was also good to have an update on how well officers have taken on board comments from the public around the town centre/Alexandra Parade plans.

Of particular interest was an update on development of land owned by NS and Homes England.

As it’s owned by the Council, the NS land has lots of potential for delivering a high level of affordable housing with exciting design and environmental performance.

It’s a shame that the Homes England sites in the centre of town are lagging behind – we need to keep up the pressure so that they deliver!

Have your say on North Somerset’s Budget!

🚨 This is your chance to have a say on North Somerset Council’s Budget!

The draft budget has been prepared to support our new Council’s objectives for an open, fair and greener North Somerset.

Provide your views via this link:…/planand…/consultationHome

As well as addressing the climate emergency, the draft budget seeks to:

⚖️ Change the council tax support scheme for residents on the lowest incomes to reduce the minimum contribution payable by up to three per cent.

🤱🏽 Recruit more local foster carers to look after the area’s vulnerable children

👥 Retain existing carers and incentivise new ones through our support packages

👮🏼‍♂️ Increased investment in early intervention and prevention services for children

🚦Changes to make parking fairer across North Somerset

👨‍🎤 Investment in cultural development

🏚 A programme to bring empty retail units back into use

🌱 Changes to the garden waste service.

The Executive will be debating the draft budget in January, before being scrutinised by Full Council in February.

Agree with the proposals? Want to see something done differently? Then make sure to make your voice heard by contributing to the consultation!

It’s polling day

After the weeks of campaigning, talking to voters, doing hustings, and walking almost every street in the constituency, polling day is here!

I am proud to have put my head above the parapet, to take a stand for my values and beliefs.

I will not be bullied into “giving way” by the two old parties who are afraid of allowing new voices into their old fashioned system.

I am here to demand a brighter, better future for our country. One that sees us as the heart of Europe, that has a strong economy that allows us to invest in tackling the climate emergency and to invest in our public services.

I want a county where the rights of *everyone* are protected. Where individual freedom is cherished and the power of endeavour is realised, and the authority of the state is kept in check.

So today, get out and vote for a Brighter Future. Vote LibDem. A better future is possible if we are brave enough to vote for it.

My plan for the Villages

Stop the Garden Villages

Many residents are rightly worried about crazy plans for thousands of more homes forced through by John Penrose’s Tory councillors at the direction of the Conservative government.

Patrick has consistently opposed the Garden Villages. Now that the old Tory Council’s plans have been scrapped, he is working with local campaigners and councils to ensure that new plans the right housing – in the right place.

Challenge Airport Expansion

Residents are rightly concerned about the impact of proposed plans to expand Bristol airport during a climate emergency – as well as the impact on parking, noise and traffic. Patrick will ensure the plans are rigorously scrutinised.

Fair Funding for Schools

As a school governor, Patrick has seen first hand the challenges facing our rural schools. The LibDems will inject £10 billion back into schools, and by scrapping SATS and league tables, will let teachers get on with the job.


The Tory candidate claims in his leaflet to village residents that your local councillors “let the plans for the garden villages go through unchallenged.” This is not accurate:
● Following elections in May that changed control of the Council, the “JSP” approach is dead. The new Council will be developing fresh plans in consultation with Parish Councils and local residents.
● There have been no votes on the garden villages in this Council – yet.
● Patrick Keating has been consistently asking questions and challenging the administration on this issue – and as your new MP will keep up the fight.